Devachan Salon Update:

To our Professional Curl Community,

These last several months have challenged us as a professional industry and as a company as we’ve evolved from temporarily closing our salons for nearly four months to reopening to a changed world that mandates robust Covid-19 safety measures, especially here in NYC. Now, we must continue to evolve to this changed world and changing professional hair industry and adapt our business to the new environment. As such DevaCurl is streamlining our salon operations, focusing on our flagship Soho Salon and closing our Upper West Side location. Unlike our Soho salon which is a vast and airy space, our UWS salon was our smaller NYC location, which faced additional challenges practicing the extensive COVID safety guidelines, such as necessary social distancing protocols, to adequately protect both our clients and staff, while also keeping the salon profitable.

We want to thank those who have worked with us at our UWS salon. We are deeply grateful for all they have done for our clients and the company and feel confident that they will continue to leave a positive impact on the salon industry, especially for the curl community.

Thank you, as always, for your support.
Love, your Deva family