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Whether you're looking for comprehensive training or a quick refresher, we offer an extensive selection of free online classes - so you can level up from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your phone, 24/7.


product classes

  • hands pumping devacurl product bottle

    Product Pro product expert

    Take our free online training—anywhere, anytime—to become an expert on DevaCurl products and understand all the essentials.


product tutorials

  • jars of devacurl superstretch

    Super Stretch 101

    Unlock the beauty of Super Stretch by learning the Deva Twist Out in a FREE 5-minute tutorial.

  • high shine bottle lying on top of oil

    High Shine 101

    Learn our signature dry cutting technique utilizing high shine

  • devafresh spray bottle

    DevaFresh 101

    Learn the NEW DevaCut Express Service featuring DevaFresh™.

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Get listed on our Stylist Finder

We help connect curly clientele all over the world with our network of professionals. Find out how to get listed today.

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